Who I am and what I am doing

Doing all the tasks I was given I learned how to be well-organized, efficient and worked with people of different backgrounds. I attended various conferences, seminars and trainings. I consider myself hardworking, responsible, reasonable, curious, open-minded and determined person and always eager to experience new challenges.

What I do and my experience

Web developer with about 4 years of experience in Full-Stack development. I am self-taught and adaptable programmer continually striving to improve and expand my skills. I am dynamic and like to travel to discover new cultures and new ways to work. Always interested in further education.

My goals

Seeking a position I can maximize my program development and training experience, utilizing my award-winningtechnical skills. I would like to apply my skills to work on interesting projects, using modern technologies and clean code principles. Interested in learning about artificial intelligence and the game development industry.





Network & DevOps


...and much more